SAKURAI, a luxury brand based in Germany with its Design Department in the heart of Paris, specializes in high-end exclusive kimonos with a modern twist and a new aesthetic interpretation. The mission is not only to bridge Japanese tradition with contemporary design, but also to introduce a new kind of kimono brand and to bring the kimono more into the spotlight and into wardrobes worldwide by creating nonseasonal and timeless infinite variety.
SAKURAI believes in the ''Made in France'' the most and supports this as an independent brand with a deep focus in collaborating exclusively in France with big, skilled traditional luxury artisans houses. Each piece from SAKURAI is crafted with love and dedication and hand-finished. The brand plays with a wide range of materials, utilizes the finest luxury materials and combines them with different French traditional heritage techniques.
Alongside timeless and highly fashionable kimono pieces, the whole universe of SAKURAI also includes one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Each creation stands alone and tells its own unique story.
Moreover, each of SAKURAI’s creations stands as a testament to timeless enduring craftsmanship and sustainability. Offering an infinite variety while serving as a lifelong companion - designed to be treasured and passed down through generations.